Milady Bridges
VFX Artist
Awesome Sauce
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I received my Bachelor's Degree from Rutgers University in 2008 with a major in computer animation, and a minor in films. I've studied many different aspects of 3D animation, including: animation principles, modeling, texturing, rigging, enveloping, particle simulations, lighting, compositing, and editing. Besides my studies in animation, I also have a foundation in fine arts and spent a year abroad in Japan where I studied the Japanese culture and language.

My job experience has let me explore the more technical side of computer graphics, while still letting me remain artistic. I've specialized in creating a broad range of visual effects as well as compositing them into the final product. Being a generalist also permits me to complete a wide variety of jobs, and gives me a strong foundation of knowledge which is advantageous to troubleshooting/problem solving.

I've worked on many projects, from video games to films, in many different stages of production. For a list of some of the things I've worked on, please see my IMDB page:


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